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Useful interface

The system is considered to be useful if it offers users new valuable services or improves the existing ones. You can define if the system is useful only with the help of its users: by talking to them in person, evaluating what you heard and analyzing their explicit and implicit needs. Moreover, you can come to very important conclusions simply watching how users interact with the system or its prototype.

Unfortunately there is no universal way of creating 100% useful products, that is why it is a creative process. Useful systems can be designed only if you compeletely understand users and their needs. Usability methods of users' needs formal analyses and users' feedback make it possible to create such systems. Besides, usability has techniques and methods, which allow to test concepts and ideas even before they are prototyped and developed.   .

Single products can be considered totally useless, but most systems suffer from inadequate description of requirements. 

Product usefullness depends on its target audience, which is determined with the help of marketing research and product strategy development. 

Methods we use to create useful systems

  1. Field research
  2. Task analyses
  3. Interview
  4. Surveys
  5. Observation

If the product is useful, it doesn't automatically mean that people will use it. In order to be used the product should correspond to the requirements of the remaining three levels of our hierarchy. 

2nb level
User friendly