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Axure RP Pro - средство для прототипирования

8 December 2006 | admin |

We usually have the following prototype requirements:

Searchmash - новый сервис от Google

6 December 2006 | admin | Innovations

Google launched a new search service - Searchmash. Interface usability is stunning, as always - it is easy to notice that it's user-oriented. Can you imagine? It has no ads! Here are basic peculiarities and features of the new service:  

Microsoft объявил о выпуске Expression Studio

6 December 2006 | admin | Innovations

Monday, December 4, 2006 Microsoft announced the launch of  Expression Studio. To be exact,  only one out of four programmes was launched, namely Microsoft Expression Web - WYSIWYG environment for designing web sites and web applications.  

Microsoft Expression Studio - is a range of programms for working with graphics and interactive interfaces:  

Hello to the world!

4 December 2006 | admin | Miscellaneous


Welcome to the world of fancy user interfaces! Interface is not only efficiency and productivity. Interface is also aesthetics, beauty and style. Our blog is aimed at reminding about that from time to time to users, developers and clients, who in the end are responsible for the usability of a web site or a programe. Besides we keep track of new ideas in the world of user interfaces and interactive design. Our aim is to inform professional community and give food for its mind. Hey! The world goes on!   

How to understand a user? Part 2. User's refusal

5 February 2008 | admin | Psychology


User's refusal

Author: Andrew Morozov

(Or Why does a user speak about a wrong subject or in a wrong way) 

«The non-designer's design book»

15 March 2008 | admin | Design

For me the most important characteristics of a book are its clarity - ability to be read in several  times, on the run, and inclusiveness - the amount of useful information per text volume. My favourite books are capacious and easy to understand. r_williams.jpg

Axure. Lesson 1: how to create a global site menu with bookmarks

6 April 2008 | admin | Tools

In this lesson I will demonstrate how to create a dynamic menu in Axure. This is what you should get as a result (open in a browser):


Usability as growth hormone for a social network

3 March 2009 | admin | Design

Here is the promised presentation I made for a mini-conference on usability on February, 28. 


10 gurus of new world according to Fortune magazine

7 June 2009 | admin |

Hello to everybody who reads this blog. Thank you for staying with us!


About a year and a half ago we wrote about captology - a science of persuading people with the help of computer technologies -and the author of this notion BJ Foqq. It turned out that one of the most respected magazines named him a modern guru. We  didn't mention him for nothing:) 

The source: