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Microsoft объявил о выпуске Expression Studio

6 December 2006 | admin | Innovations

Monday, December 4, 2006 Microsoft announced the launch of  Expression Studio. To be exact,  only one out of four programmes was launched, namely Microsoft Expression Web - WYSIWYG environment for designing web sites and web applications.  

Microsoft Expression Studio - is a range of programms for working with graphics and interactive interfaces:  

Expression Web - WYSIWYG-environment for designing web sites and web applications. (Download trial version).

Expression Blend - known before as Sparkle, this program is very similar to Adobe  flash editors. One of its very handy features is integration with Visual Studio - it can read solution and project files. Expression Blend  is like a dream about division of logic and graphics that came true: a designer creates user interface and programmers write  the code.  (Download beta-version 1).

Expression Design - a graphic editor that combines tools for working with vector and raster graphics. It can be integrated with Visual Studio. NET and the rest of Expression Studio package. (Download preview)

Expression Media - a tool for structuring and arranging media-objects. Microsoft presents this program as a tool for speeding up the process of creating presentations and accessing media-objects.(Download trial)

Text: Александр Сергеев, HumanoIT Goup

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