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10 gurus of new world according to Fortune magazine

7 June 2009 | admin |

Hello to everybody who reads this blog. Thank you for staying with us!


About a year and a half ago we wrote about captology - a science of persuading people with the help of computer technologies -and the author of this notion BJ Foqq. It turned out that one of the most respected magazines named him a modern guru. We  didn't mention him for nothing:) 

The source:

Here we introduce the next generation of management experts who are changing the way business gets done.

Современный гуру в области убеждения людей When Fogg began studying how technology could influence behavior back in 1992, he faced some resistance to his ideas. But today he's one of the most sought-after thinkers in Silicon Valley.

In his lab at Stanford, Fogg, 45, researches how Web site or cell-phone design can impact consumers. While he's applying his findings to companies like eBay (where he's working to improve customer service) and Nike (where he has helped simplify its sports technology line), he's sharing insights with Stanford undergrads. In one of his courses on Facebook, students are asked to create applications that persuade other users on the popular Web site. 


More about captology.

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