Experience and interface design for a digital world

A manual for product managers

How to Integrate Your Site
with Facebook

Developers can find a lot of additional useful information on how to integrate with Facebook on the platform itself, but to design apps and websites that will integrate well, you need to know how Facebook works and familiarize yourself with some of its primary features.
  • Chapter 1 Who Is This Book for?
  • Chapter 2 What Do You Need?
  • Chapter 3 Studying Facebook and the Graph API
    Using the Graph API Explorer
  • Chapter 4 Integrating Your Site with Facebook;
    Facebook Connect
  • Chapter 5 Importing Data from a Facebook Profile
  • Chapter 6 Enabling Users to Invite Their Facebook
    Friends to Your Site
  • Chapter 7 Publishing News on Facebook
  • Chapter 8 Sharing Links to Your Site on Facebook
  • Chapter 9 Importing Photos from User´s Albums
  • Chapter 10 Keeping Imported Profiles Up-to-date or Profile Synchronization
  • Chapter 11 Testing Your App (Testing Account Creation)
  • Chapter 12 How to Boost Your Registration Conversion Rate Using Facebook
  • Chapter 13 A Success Story: the Open Graph and the Story of Socialcam (bonus)
  • Chapter 14 Posting to Friends' Walls and the Story of Badoo (bonus)
  • Chapter 15 How Facebook Scans Text Messages and Automatically Adds Likes According to Links Included in Them (bonus)
  • Chapter 16 A Small Chapter for Developers