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Новая ежедневная рассылка tut.by

4 December 2015 | Alexander Sergeev | Долг Родине

Буквально несколько дней назад tut.by запустил в production новую рассылку.

Изменений много и все по делу:
1) рассылка ходит в 7 утра. В ней - обзор вчерашних новостей. Самых-самых. Минских, белорусских, мировых. Заходит на ура с утренним кофе!

2) дизайн рассылки оптимизирован под мобильные устройства.

3) даже по тексту рассылки можно узнать о сути - читать новость на tut.by не надо - за это отдельное спасибо редактору

Рассылка от tut.by

29 July 2015 | Alexander Sergeev | Долг Родине

Я давно хотел читать tut.by по рассылке. Я привык к рассылкам. Это очень удобно. То, что рассылка - удобно, понимают и на Хабре, и в Твиттере и много где еще. Ты в одно и то же время вечером каждый день получаешь письмо. В письме выводится 10-15-30 самых главных новостей, который отобрали редакторы/аудитория. Заголовок и тизер. По клику открывается мобильная версия статьи. Ты ее читаешь, ты закрываешь окно в браузере и потом открываешь другую новость кликом по рассылке. 

Usability as growth hormone for a social network

3 March 2009 | admin | Design

Here is the promised presentation I made for a mini-conference on usability on February, 28. 


Advantages of usability

16 March 2011 | admin | Theory

Usability is a characteristic of a web site, software or device, which helps a user easily and successfully perform a task. Usability is also a number of means, helping identify problems, which make the product unusable. Specialists in this sphere not only identify and classify these problems, but also offer solutions to them.

Is your site losing visitors?

About usability and attention

16 March 2011 | admin | Theory

What is attention?
Attention enables us to process information about our environment. We recognize things only when we give some attention to them. Attention can be compared to flashlight, which we direct at an object to single it out. After we focused the flashlight on the object we start analyzing what we see.

Professional organizations in usability-sphere.

16 March 2011 | admin | Theory

There’re several organizations that define a vector for the whole usability-community and promote user oriented design methods in industry and business.

ACM — Association for Computing Machinery

History of usability and HCI

16 March 2011 | admin | Theory

HCI as an independent branch of science that began to develop in late 70’s – early 80’s. It started with the recognition of problems that users of complicated and powerful systems were experiencing. Usability is based on research of communication theories, graphics, industrial design, linguistics, social sciences and cognitive psychology. This knowledge helps designers create technically efficient (i.e. enabling to solve assigned tasks) and user operable (i.e. users can solve tasks) systems.

Usability standards and recommendations

16 March 2011 | admin | Theory

There are several universally accepted usability and accessibility standards, which are implemented in interface design. Some of them are advisory, while others are compulsory. Type of the requirements can be defined by the country the product is created for or by the type of the system. For instance, a company, designing a corporate system, is more demanding than a web-studio, designing an online store. Companies, designing software and web sites for public use must conform to the standards described in this article.