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Mobile application for football club “Roma”

2013 | Interface for iOS and Android

Probably all young football fans were keen on filling in football club diaries in the middle of the ’90-s. The task was simple – to collect all the stickers with footballers’, trainers images and images the best episodes of the games. But the process of filling in became a whole story: one had to buy stickers, to exchange those which were the same, to find the one that missed…

Time passed, the fans have grown older, but the memories remain.

Therefore the main aim of this development is to transfer the tradition of collecting football stickers to new generation and to transfer it in new online format.

Besides the process of filling in an album itself, 4 games have been developed:

  1. Jigsaw puzzle (for certain time you need to manage to put a photo together)
  2. Quiz (you answer interesting questions about your favorite team)
  3. Juggling a ball (you need to kick the ball a certain number of times)
  4. A goal attempt (your aim is to score the rival’s goalkeeper)

If you win the game you receive a certain amount of stickers which you can use to fill in the album. You can always buy the stickers you need in the “Shop” section.