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Expert evaluation

Audit (or expert analysis) – is an assessment of ready products or prototypes, which doesn’t’t require getting real users involved as opposed to usability-testing.


Stage 1

We get to know the product: perform basic tasks it is intended for, study the specification etc.

Then we define business goals of the product, its audience and basic user actions scenarios.

Stage 2

We interview a number of experts, study appropriate literature, and negotiate with your team of specialists.

We research competitors’ products.

Stage 3

We define groups of users of your product and tasks a certain group will be solving with your product (or is already solving with the existing product)

Stage 4 (for web sites and applications only)

We analyze your site’s visitor statistics: define content popularity, study basic user routes, make a list of most popular functions.

We figure out conversion level of the current site and predict its increase after our recommendations are implemented

Stage 5

We consecutively look through all pages or screens of your product in terms of being convenient and convincing, using our skills and experience (check lists, interface standards, perception laws and persuasive psychology).

We also perform user tasks keeping in mind the following:

how to make the interface intuitive for users

how to speed up user’s work

how to persuade a user to use a certain function

how to increase user satisfaction

Stage 6

We make the following documents

  • a report with a ranged list of detected problems
  • recommendations on how to solve basic problems

All our recommendations are accompanied by prototypes, scale models and schemes

We include Google Analytics statistics into final report on web sites and applications.

Work results

As a result of expert analysis we will provide you with the following documents:
1. A report with a ranged list of detected problems
2. Recommendations on how to eliminate basic problems following the implemented restricrions
3. Prototypes, scale models, schemes
4. Conversion level and analysis with Google Analytics statistics

Give us a short description of your project and we will make job evaluation for you.

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