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Interface design

Interface design includes interface concept and system IA creation, as well as prototyping and interface specification.


Stage 1

Together with your team we define the image of the future (or existing, if we are redesigning) product:

• Business goals of the project
• Product advantages over competitors
• Users’ needs which the product is going to satisfy
• Basic functions of the product and the functions that distinguish you from the competitors


Stage 2

We interview a number of experts, read appropriate literature and negotiate with your team of specialists. We also study competitors’ products.

User and tasks analysis

Stage 3

We identify the groups of users of your product and define basic tasks a certain group will be solving with the help of your product (or is already solving with an existing product)

Stage 4

Current interface assessment allows identifying problems and avoiding them in the new version of the product. Besides the assessment allows to find and preserve good interface solutions.

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Stage 5

A list of all product functions (functional requirements) is formed in accordance with user groups, their needs and tasks.

Scenarios of users’ interaction with the product are created and thoroughly studied.

We analyze competitors’ products interfaces in order to implement efficient features and avoid drawbacks while designing a new interface.

Stage 6

We create a hierarchy page structure and menu structure for desktop applications.
We figure out users’ routes on the site or consequence of user actions with the menu and application screens.

Stage 7

In accordance with user groups, interaction scenarios and user and functional requirements we design interfaces of all product screens or pages.

We create interactive prototypes, suitable for interface checkup on users during usability testing

Stage 8

In accordance with the users actions scenarios we create test tasks, which users perform in the prototype. The prototype is improved in accordance with the testing results.

Stage 9

We specify functionality of all interface elements for each screen prototype or site page.

Work results

As a result of interface design we will provide you with the following documents:

Interactive system prototype
Set of documents for the designed user interface

Give us a short description of your project and we will make job evaluation for you.

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