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Usability testing


On the first stage of usability-testing our specialists negotiate with your project team to define all questions and doubts you have in connection with convenience and efficiency of your product. Our task also includes identifying which data exactly you need to get after usability testing. Then we specify the number and members of testing groups, form a list of tasks users have to solve while testing and work out a plan of actions.

Usability testing never focuses on what users say, they focus on what users do. That’s why the tests include tasks that can be:

• fictitious – such tasks direct users’ actions and enable to intentionally identify interface problems
• realistic – free tasks which users perform independently; they usually help identify rather unexpected problems

We will provide you with the following documents:

  1. usability testing reports with a ranged list of identified problems
  2. solutions to key problems
  3. work materials:texts, audio and video recordings

Give us a short description of your project and we will make job evaluation for you.

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